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    Decon Labs™ Decon 90, 5L
    Decon Labs™ Decon 90, 5L
    • Cat No: DEC#D/0025/21,
    • Biodegradable, phosphate, EDTA, Chlorine-bleach and enzyme free decontaminating surface cleaning and radioactive decontaminant non-suited for non-ferrous metals.
    • Alkaline
    • Working concentration is at 2%-5% packaged in polyethylene (PE).
    • pH >13 and has viscosity of 6.27 cps at 20 celcius.
    • Packaging: 5L/bottle
    • Full product specification
    • Estimated delivery period upon order confirmation (complete payment):
      -Ex-stock 7-10 days
      -Out of stock >11 days
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